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Rasnov Cultural Tour

Rasnov Cultural Tour, the story of ,,The Valley of Roses”

The Rasnov Cultural Tour brings you closer to the Rasnov area. It is also known as the “Valley of Roses”. According to a legend, when immigrants arrived in Țara Bârsei, one could see from a hill the whole valley full of blooming roses. This is the origin of the name Râșnov and the town’s coat of arms has three roses.

Râșnov is situated about 15 km from Brasov, right in the direction of Bran. So a stop or a trip here is really worth it! You will find out why. The star of the Râșnov area is the fortress that proudly bears its name.

The fortress of Rasnov

The Rasnov Cultural Tour brings you to one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in Țara Bârsei: the fortress of Rasnov. Just as “Brașov” is written on the Tâmpa, the letters that make up the name “Râșnov” are also visible on the fortress. The road to the fortress is signposted and until you reach the alleyway leading up to it you can enjoy the area in the centre of town. A stone-paved pedestrian square where peace and cleanliness are at home is now the centre of the town.

After enjoying the relaxation of the centre and walking towards the citadel you’ll find you have two options to reach the walls steeped in history: walk up or experience a ride on a tractor with wagons.

Before you reach the fortress you’ll pass a famous Dinosaur Park (“Dino Park”), an ideal place for the little ones to have fun. Once through the gates of the fortress you’ll enjoy narrow cobbled paths and surprising views of the surroundings.

Another important attraction of Râșnov is the cave where unexpected events take place.

The Fortress Valley Cave

Rasnov Cultural TourIt is located on the road that leads to Poiana Brasov, at a short distance from the path leading up to the Fortress. Yes, you can reach Poiana Brasov directly from Rasnov on the winding road that has made its way through the tall forest trees.

The entrance to the cave is in groups, with a guide. Like any hollow in the ground, the unusual formations catch your attention, but inside this cave there is a unique activity taking place.

You’ll spend 30 minutes in the cave so we recommend you bring an extra coat as the temperature here is a maximum of 10 degrees Celsius. As you can see, the Rasnov Cultural Tour is full of interesting sights. So, if you love history and want to know a part of it, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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